Botond Ferenczy
- He is a graphic&interior designer, illustrator living in Cluj, where he finished,  his B.A., back in 2003, at the University of Arts and Design, graphic arts specialization.
With quite a few exhibitions in his portfolio, Boti is also known for his peculiar works on the walls of pubs, shops and the homes of people not only in Cluj, but in Bucharest and Berlin too.
Lately, he has also been quite focused on picking up the methods and techniques of the art of restoration.
Pop art, street art, graffiti, comics, manga, lil' friendly monsters, past century wall decor are all "subjects" of his work & world.
His artistic style can hardly be described or categorized, it is left upon the intuition of the viewer to decide where it belongs.
When asked to take part in Csilla Tulogdy's project, he said yes in an instant, since he absolutely loves creating for kids and bringing their imagination to life.

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